February Horoscopes

By Ichrak Dahou

February is an eclipse month. During eclipse months, time seems to lose its sense of linearity — it speeds up, and a lot more seems to happen within the space of a calendar month than seems typical or possible. Warrior energy winds through the month. Find ways to appease your inner pioneer, rebellious shit-stirrer, combative lone warrior. It is better to direct these archetypes than to have them direct you! Continue reading

Livilla’s Urn

By Diana Arterian

I went in search of Livilla, of the alabaster that held her ashes. Livilla is a lesser-known figure of ancient Rome. Her brother, the emperor Caligula, damaged the empire with his insanity and spending. Her uncle, the emperor Claudius, healed it some. Her sister Agrippina — the focus of my manuscript-in-progress — ultimately married their uncle and became Empress of Rome. Agrippina places Livilla’s urn, quietly, in the Mausoleum of Augustus some time after her sister’s death.   Continue reading

Asking for a Friend: I’m Getting Better. Now How Do I Get Going?

Dear Olive,

I’ve spent the better part of the past three years in a deep clinical depression from which there seemed no escape. I am finally starting to feel like maybe existence on this big imperfect rock hurtling through space might be worth it once again — but I’ve found that I am emerging from my depressed years as quite a different person. The things I once liked no longer seem all that exciting to me, while other things are suddenly taking my interest. I feel so lost and unable to start on a new journey while on such uncertain ground. How do I start living again? Continue reading

Man O’ War — Trump Fights Himself

By Jill Frank 

Stasis, the Ancient Greek word for “standstill,” refers to a condition in which opposing forces cancel each other out. We have seen a lot of that in the last eight years. But in stark contrast to the standstill engineered by the “Party of No,” the avowed Republican stonewall of the Obama Administration, there is little doubt that in the weeks, months, and years ahead, the 115th Congress will set off a wave of reactive legislation, undoing Wall Street reforms, altering or repealing healthcare, immigration, tax, and environmental legislation, and approving controversial federal appointments.  Continue reading